Saturday, 27 February 2016

2 months until 12

My little baby isn't so little anymore.. I know I'm always saying time flies but seriously, I can't believe Christian will be a year old in a little over 2 months! It's crazy to look at Christian right now and think a little over nine months ago he was in side me, and had been for 9 months! I mean looking back at my not so glamorous pregnancy photos and seeing him now.. It's something indescribable as cheesy as that may sound.

He's officially

- Crawling

- Climbs the stairs
- Sitting on the couch all by himself
- Clapping
- Gives high fives like a G
- Pulling himself up on coffee tables and the
- Drinking all by himself (with sippy cups, water/ apple juice)
- Falling asleep in his crib all by himself
- Has 8 teeth

I don't like him watching tv to much but sometimes it's the only thing to keep him in one place at one time. Usually when I'm showering or cleaning. Last week I was cleaning before bedtime and I sat him on the couch with his blanket and sippy cup wondering how he'd do.. He seemed fine so I started to kinda putter around. I glanced at him and found myself dead in my tracks. I couldn't stop staring. It's something so simple but to me it was so huge! I mean heres my baby sitting all by himself watching his show drinking from his sippy cup..

It's super exciting to watch him get older but kind of heart breaking because there truly is a last for everything. I only planned on breast feeding for a year, but now that this year is almost over I'm not sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to those special moments of just him and I. I know I'm kind of getting ahead of myself here but it's hard not to. Just last week he wasn't crawling and now I can't get him to stop!!!

{ok quick side not here... I'm bringing this up in hopes that I'm not the only one/ I can help mommas who will go through this too. There's a few babies at my church who are younger than Christian and it's so hard not to compare.. They are all about a month or two younger than him but seemed to crawl before he did. I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong, I wasn't good enough or I wasn't teaching him right. Everyone always told me all babies are different don't worry he'll get there, but it was still hard to see. So the long and the short, I got over it! Let me just say it's not abnormal for you to feel like that and it doesn't mean your doing anything wrong! ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT! Besides.. Once they learn to crawl your life is basically over anyways! Haha}

It's so crazy to feel this connection between us grow and grow. He's such a happy boy with such personality. David and I have this thing right now where if we put our forehead close to Christians forehead he will gently tap ours a few times with his. Sounds kinda silly but it makes me crumble. It seriously is the little things that make life big! David and I are fluent in baby language. It's a lot of dada's and mama's and words that David creates that I wont even try to repeat or type! Truthfully David is better at it but don't tell him I said that..

"Have you ever looked at your child and had your heart filled with so much love and pride that it brought you to tears? I have."