Thursday, 12 November 2015

That Time Of Year

Everyday when Christian goes down for a nap I have to decide on one of two things. 1) Catch up on my Z's or 2) enjoy some quiet alone time. Today I have chosen quiet alone time! So hmm whats new...

Well David and I have decided to do Christmas cards this year which I am super excited about. A family friend who is an amazing photographer has said he will help us out which is really nice! We are trying to save money for our future so we have been trying to get creative with our Christmas gift ideas! I'm not going to say what we have planned incase someone reading this happens to be on our list! So all I can say is I seriously have my work cut out for me. However I will definitely post pictures after Christmas. I am so beyond excited for Christmas because not only is it our first Christmas as a family but its also another first for Christian.

(So close to growing out his swing)

This week we had a doctors appointment and got to see how much he's grown. This is always a little scary because you never want the doctor to say your baby is not growing enough, or gaining enough weight. I wasn't to concerned this visit because judging by my aching muscles from carrying him everywhere, he's growing just fine. The doctor said he is in the top 3% for his height and now weighs 18.9 pounds! This seriously doesn't surprise me because everyone in my family is pretty tall and Davids family is a little above average. When Christian was first born the nurses told us that one day he will be towering over us and now I'm really starting to believe it! It's so crazy how fast he is growing!

Before I was pregnant I had a lot of food allergies. When I say a lot I mean A LOT. They weren't serious food allergies but I would get really sick to my stomach and the doctors told me that in the future I would have problems with my intestines and stomach. The foods that I'm allergic to are: dairy, casein, wheat flour, yeast, corn, kola nut, anchovies, red kidney bean and a few others.. For those of you who aren't familiar with casein, it is a protein in milk products, all processed foods and most sauces. Kola nut is found in soft drinks such as Coke Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pep, ect.

The reason I'm sharing this is because by a miracle the only thing that bothers me now is dairy! Yep thats right, I can eat pretty much anything and feel fine. Im pretty excited about this, especially with Christmas right around the corner. When I was pregnant I would eat more-less what I wanted because I wanted Christian to be healthy and grow. I started to notice that I wasn't getting sick! I talked to my doctor and she said its not uncommon for people with food allergies to feel fine while they're pregnant. She told me that it may not last so enjoy it while I can (this is probably why Chrisitan was such a big baby😳.. 9 pounds 11 ounces) Luckily my body was able to bounce back pretty quick. When he was first born all the nurses looked at me and then him and were so confused, they always asked me what I was eating. I probably went through the same story about 5 times . David always laughs at me because I always repeat my stories , word for word.

"Its the most wonderful time of the year!"

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